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Written evidence

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain

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Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (NFT0051)
Dr Matthew Shillito (Lecturer in Law at University of Liverpool) (NFT0046)
Dr Hayleigh Bosher (NFT0047)
Outlier Ventures (NFT0048)
Professor Mark Perry, Dr Giuseppe Destefanis, and Dr Rumyana Neykova (NFT0049)
UK Finance (NFT0050)
Alex Preda (Professor of Professions, Markets and Technology at King's Business School) (NFT0031)
The Bar Council (NFT0033)
MoonPay (NFT0034)
The Investment Association (NFT0036)
Mr Julian Wilkins (NFT0037)
British Copyright Council (NFT0039)
The Association of Photographers Limited (AOP) (NFT0040)
Ashurst LLP, and Whitechapel Think Tank (NFT0041)
DeCaDe, the UKRi Centre for the decentralised digital economy (NFT0043)
Circle Internet Financial (NFT0044)
Electronic Money Association (NFT0045)
TRM Labs (NFT0018)
Dapper Labs, Inc. (NFT0020)
Digital Currencies Governance Group (NFT0021)
Total results 36 (page 1 of 2)