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Managing central government property


The Committee will question senior executives at the Cabinet Office and Government Property Agency 


Central government property, valued at £158 billion, is one of government’s largest assets. It includes offices, hospitals, academy schools, jobcentres, courts, prisons and museums. Managing central government property effectively helps to support government priorities such as net zero and levelling up.

The Government is taking steps to recruit property management staff and develop the skills of existing staff, but many initiatives are at an early stage. Since 2020, a Property Fast Stream for graduate recruitment and the Government School of Property have been launched.

The NAO reported in July 2022 that “The Government’s new property strategy will provide the opportunity to set out long-term ambitions for how it manages this important asset. But some longstanding problems pose a real risk to its successful delivery”.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and Government’s aim to relocate civil servants to the regions and to reduce their number, will alter Government’s use of and demand for office property – along with that of other sectors.

The Government has signalled its intention to encourage more office working, but planned headcount reductions may still result in a lower demand for office accommodation.

If you have evidence on how the Government manages its own property estate portfolio please submit it here by Friday 30 September.