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State of policing in England and Wales examined in new inquiry

29 July 2022

The Home Affairs Committee launches a new inquiry into policing priorities in England and Wales.

Public confidence in policing has been severely damaged in recent years. Serving officers have been involved in high-profile disciplinary and criminal cases, including sexual offences and murder. Detection and charging rates have fallen, and there are serious concerns around the treatment of women and people from minority communities. Six police force are currently in special measures as a result of poor performance.

The inquiry will examine what a modern police service should look like. It will investigate how they can better meet the demands currently placed on them and adapt to meet future need. The inquiry will also examine what can be done to rebuild public trust and ensure the highest standards amongst police officers.

Terms of reference

The Home Affairs Committee welcomes written submission on the following questions. More information on how to submit evidence is available here. The deadline for submissions is noon on 24 October 2022.

  1. What a modern police service, fit for the 2020s and beyond, looks like;
  2. What balance police forces in England and Wales should strike between a focus on preventing and solving crime and carrying out their other functions;
  3. What roles police forces should prioritise;
  4. What can be done to improve community policing and increase trust in police officers and forces, including on funding and on disciplinary powers when police officer behaviour falls below required standards;
  5. Specifically, what the Metropolitan Police must do to increase trust under its new Commissioner; and
  6. What steps can be taken to improve national conviction rates, including via relationships with other bodies such as the Crown Prosecution Service.

Further information

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