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Written evidence

Policing priorities

Total results 78 (page 1 of 4)
Anonymised (POP0063)
Mike Rawson (POP0080)
Dafydd Llywelyn (Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys at Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys) (POP0107)
Women of Colour in Policing (POP0095)
National Association of Independent Advisory Groups (POP0098)
National Association of Legally Qualified Chairs (POP0099)
Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales (POP0100)
Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) (POP0104)
Chris Philp (Minister for Crime at Home Office) (POP0102)
Crown Prosecution Service (POP0101)
Home Office (POP0097)
Independent Office for Police Conduct (POP0096)
F Millikin-Walker (POP0016)
Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG) (POP0024)
Pupils 2 Parliament (POP0027)
Southwark Council (POP0037)
One Small Thing (POP0040)
Henry Jackson Soceity (POP0044)
Matthew Denney (POP0079)
Total results 78 (page 1 of 4)