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Written evidence

People and skills in UK science, technology, engineering and mathematics

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The Institute of Cancer Research (PSU0066)
Professor Davide Mattia (Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at University of Bath), and Dr Chloe Turner (Programme Grant Manager at University of Bath) (PSU0065)
techUK (PSU0064)
Microbiology Society (PSU0063)
Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) (PSU0061)
Make UK (PSU0060)
Engineering and Machinery Alliance (PSU0059)
Institute of Physics (PSU0058)
Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (PSU0057)
RSE Young Academy of Scotland (PSU0054)
Recruitment and Employment Confederation (PSU0053)
College of Science and Engineering, University of Glasgow (PSU0052)
Advanced Oxford (PSU0051)
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (PSU0050)
Catapult Network (PSU0049)
National Physical Laboratory (PSU0048)
Met Office (PSU0047)
The Manufacturing Technology Centre (PSU0046)
Enginuity (PSU0045)
Dr Ian Benson (Honorary Research Fellow at School of Education, University of Roehampton), Professor Alexandre Borovik (Professor Emeritus at University of Manchester), Professor Whitfield Diffie ForMemRS (Senior Advisor at Cryptomathic, Cambridge), and Professor Michael Short (Professor of Control Engineering and Systems Informatics at Teesside University, Middlesborough) (PSU0044)
Total results 80 (page 2 of 4)