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Welfare policy in Scotland


The inquiry will examine the effect of welfare policies on the lives of claimants and poverty and inequality levels more broadly in Scotland.

It will:

  • assess the effectiveness of Scottish Choices which provide a unique degree of flexibility for those on Universal Credit in Scotland
  • explore the consequences of Universal Credit policies specific to Scotland, including; inaccessibility in rural areas, and the issue of debt spiralling for those taking advanced payments
  • understand how effective cooperation has been between the UK and Scottish Governments on the devolution of new welfare powers to Scotland
  • evaluate the likely long-term impacts of coronavirus on the devolution of welfare

Read theĀ call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry

Read a summary of our key recommendations

Work news

UK and Scottish governments commit to ongoing work on welfare policy
Scottish Affairs Committee publish UK and Scottish governments responses
19 November 2021
Devolution of welfare working well but good working relationship is crucial
Scottish Affairs Committee publishes report on welfare policy in Scotland
23 June 2021
DWP Ministers face questions on data-sharing issue that could delay Scottish benefit rollout
Scottish Affairs Committee to question Department of Work and Pensions Ministers Will Quince and Justin Tomlinson
15 March 2021
Social Security Secretary Sommerville on UK-Scotland welfare co-operation
Committee to question the Scottish Government’s Social Security Secretary on the effectiveness of relations with the Department of Work and Pensions in delivering on Edinburgh’s ambition to reduce levels of poverty
9 March 2021
Welfare in Scotland: Committee to question Social service providers on accessing social security and experience of poverty
Questions will focus on poverty reduction measures, the £20 uplift in Universal Credit and joint UK-Scotland working on social security
8 February 2021
MPs to consider experiences of Universal Credit and welfare reform in Scotland
How have people in Scotland been affected by the roll-out of Universal Credit and welfare reforms?
15 January 2021
Social security in Scotland scrutinised
The Scottish Affairs Committee will hear from social security experts about the problems that people in Scotland face as they encounter the benefits system.
11 December 2020
MPs seek views on benefits and allowances
Committee launches a survey asking people about their experience with the benefits system
7 December 2020
Specialist Adviser vacancy for welfare policy in Scotland inquiry
Scottish Affairs Committee invites applications from individuals for the role of Specialist Adviser
15 October 2020
MPs to probe welfare in Scotland
Committee launches its inquiry into the impact of welfare reform in Scotland
14 October 2020
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