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Redevelopment of Defra’s animal health infrastructure


The UK faces a significant threat from animal diseases, such as Bovine Tuberculosis  - which is the subject of controversy over the badger culling that has traditionally been used to control it - and ‘zoonotic’ diseases which can transmit from animals to humans – as is believed to have been the origin of the Covid pandemic.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) specialist research and diagnostic laboratory facilities at Weybridge are the UK government’s primary capability for animal health science.

The Committee will question senior officials at Defra and the APHA on whether critical infrastructure at Weybridge is being re-developed and managed effectively including how the programme has been set up and the structures and processes in place to identify and manage the key programme risks.

If you have evidence on these questions please submit it here by 6pm on Wednesday 6 July 2022.