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Misogyny in music


In recent years, news reports and some studies have brought to the forefront the extent to which misogyny exists in the music industry. This inquiry aims to examine what misogynistic attitudes exist in the industry and why. It aims to uncover, in more detail, how these attitudes can filter through to society, impacting attitudes towards and treatment of women and girls, including at live music events. Read the call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry.

The Committee issued a second call for evidence specifically on the use of NDAs in the music sector - read that call for evidence for more details.

This inquiry is part of the committee’s work into Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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2nd Report - Misogyny in music
Inquiry Misogyny in music
HC 129

Oral evidence transcripts

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19 April 2023
Inquiry Misogyny in music
Witnesses Independent Society of Musicians, British Phonographic Industry, and UK Music
Oral Evidence
19 April 2023
Inquiry Misogyny in music
Witnesses Jen Smith (Interim CEO at Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority)
Oral Evidence
13 September 2023
Inquiry Misogyny in music
Witnesses Annie Macmanus (DJ, Broadcaster and Writer), and Rebecca Ferguson (Singer/Songwriter)
Oral Evidence
Can't Buy My Silence (MiM0056)
The Ivors Academy of Music Creators (MiM0055)
Independent Society of Musicians (MiM0054)

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