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Regulation after EU Exit


There are three UK regulators whose work has been particularly significantly affected by EU Exit – the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE), in particular its role in chemicals regulation.

HSE is now the main regulator for chemicals in the UK and the FSA has more responsibility for assessing food and animal feed safety risks – this is an area of particular concern as the UK continues to negotiate over trading arrangements in Northern Ireland and has repeatedly delayed imposition of its post-EU import regime.

The CMA has established the Office for the Internal Market and is setting up a unit to provide advice to public bodies on state subsidies. 

The Committee will question senior executives at the Competition and Markets Authority, Food Standards Agency and Health and Safety Executive on the transition to their expanded roles post EU Exit. If you have evidence on these issues, please submit it here by 6pm on Monday the 6 June.

This inquiry is no longer accepting evidence

The deadline for submissions was Monday 6 June 2022.

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Inquiry Regulation after EU Exit
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Correspondence from Sarah Cardell, Chief Executive, CMA, re Regulating After EU Exit – CMA update, dated 6 April 2023
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Correspondence from Sarah Albon, Chief Executive Officer, Health and Safety Executive, re Nineteenth Report of Session 2022-23: Regulating after EU Exit (Food Standards Agency, Competition and Markets Authority and Health and Safety Executive), dated 22 March 2023
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Treasury minutes: Government response to the Committee of Public Accounts on the Nineteenth report from Session 2022-23
HC 32
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13 June 2022
Inquiry Regulation after EU Exit
Oral Evidence
National Measurement Laboratory (NML) at LGC (REE0001)
Green Alliance (REE0002)

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