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Written evidence

Defence and Climate Change

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Ministry of Defence (DCC0017)
Mrs Saphia Fleury (Postgraduate Researcher at University of Hull) (DCC0001)
Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) (DCC0002)
World Food Programme (DCC0003)
Boeing (DCC0004)
Dr Alexandra Harrington (Lecturer in Law (Environment) at Lancaster University Law School) (DCC0005)
Dr Duraid Jalili (Lecturer at King's College London) (DCC0006)
RAND Europe (DCC0007)
Mr Jeremy Sainsbury (Director at Natural Power Consultant) (DCC0008)
Community Windpower Limited (DCC0009)
Mitie (DCC0010)
ADS Group Ltd (DCC0011)
KATARINA KERTYSOVA (Policy Fellow at European Leadership Network (ELN)) (DCC0012)
The Conflict and Environment Observatory (DCC0014)
Ministry of Defence (DCC0015)
Rolls Royce (DCC0016)
Total results 16 (page 1 of 1)