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Written evidence

The Wagner Group and beyond: proxy Private Military Companies

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Anonymised (WGN0026)
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (WGN0025)
Protection Approaches (WGN0024)
Henry Jackson Soceity (WGN0020)
Transparency International Defence & Security, and Transparency International UK (WGN0021)
Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism - Middlebury Institute of International Studies (WGN0023)
The Sentry (WGN0017)
Mr D White (Risk/Crisis Management Advisor at Freelance) (WGN0001)
Proelium Law (WGN0016)
International Code of Conduct Association (WGN0015)
Anonymised (WGN0014)
Democracy & Human Rights Foundation (WGN0011)
Dossier Center (WGN0009)
Dr. Marc DeVore (Senior Lecturer at University of St. Andrews), Dr. Kristen Harkness (Senior Lecturer at University of St. Andrews), Professor Andrew Orr (Associate Professor at Kansas State University), and Mr. Marcel Plichta (Ph.D. Candidate at University of St. Andrews) (WGN0008)
Prof. Mark Galeotti (Managing Director at Mayak Intelligence Ltd) (WGN0005)
Dr Ulrich Petersohn (Senior Lecturer at University of Liverpool) (WGN0004)
Total results 17 (page 1 of 1)