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Written evidence

The Life in the UK test

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Professor Bridget Byrne (Director of the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) at The University of Manchester) (LTN0013)
Dr Amy Clarke (Lecturer in Research Methods at University of Brighton (School of Humanities and Social Science)) (LTN0012)
Dr Bronwen Manby (Senior Visiting Fellow, LSE Human Rights, Senior Visiting Fellow, Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa at London School of Economics & Political Science) (LTN0011)
Prof. Dr. Patrícia Jerónimo (Associate Professor at University of Minho, Braga, Portugal) (LTN0010)
Professor Thom Brooks (Professor of Law and Government at Durham Law School, Durham University) (LTN0009)
Zoe Bantleman (Legal Director at Immigration Law Practitioners' Association) (LTN0008)
Dr Djordje Sredanovic (Researcher in Sociology at GERME Department at Université libre de Bruxelles) (LTN0007)
Professor Peter Spiro (Charles Weiner Professor of Law at Temple University Law School, USA) (LTN0006)
Professor Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen (Professor, Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpretation at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) (LTN0005)
Dr Rayner Thwaites (Senior Lecturer in Public and Administrative Law at University of Sydney) (LTN0004)
Professor Frank Trentmann (Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London) (LTN0003)
Prof dr Ricky van Oers (Professor of Immigrant Integration and Law at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) (LTN0002)
Dr David Bartram (Sociologist at University of Leicester) (LTN0001)
Total results 13 (page 1 of 1)