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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 9 of 43)
Ms. Mia Violet (Author & Public Speaker at Self-employed) (GRA1572)
ms Allana Strain (GRA1570)
Ms L Morris (GRA1568)
Dr Kat Gupta (GRA1567)
John (GRA1566)
Becki Short (Singing Teacher, Mentor, Business Coach at Self Employed and Founder and Director of OmniArts GB) (GRA1564)
Jackie Lewis (GRA1563)
Sharon Shaw (GRA1561)
Anna Gray (Broadcast Systems Engineer, Director at Upgrayde Broadcast Limited) (GRA1560)
Miss Gemma Hallam (GRA1559)
Florence Low (GRA1556)
Mr Kit Harrison (Senior QA Tester at Frontier) (GRA1555)
Mrs Karen Scott (Retired Psychologist at Local authority) (GRA1553)
Ms Hazel Turner-Lyons (GRA1552)
Mx Danni Kerr (Architect at Self employed) (GRA1551)
Miss Reina Watt (GRA1550)
D Annison (GRA1549)
Marina Strinkovsky (GRA1548)
Professor Sharon Cowan (Professor at School of Law, University of Edinburgh) (GRA1544)
Sam Day (GRA1537)
Total results 850 (page 9 of 43)