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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 7 of 43)
Mr Antonio Zappulla (GRA1705)
Dr Rae Elizabeth Webster (GRA1702)
Alex Miller (student at USA University) (GRA1700)
Naomi Cunningham (Barrister at Outer Temple Chambers) (GRA1698)
Ms Claire Harvey (Consultant at Director at Anatta Ltd), and Mr Krishna Omkar (Founder at Return on Equity) (GRA1695)
Peters (GRA1691)
Mrs Anne Hardy (Unemployed at n/a) (GRA1689)
Ms J L, and X (GRA1688)
Dr Em (GRA1687)
Ms Dawn Hayes (Payroll Implementation Consultant at iipay Ltd) (GRA1686)
Mr Stoter (GRA1683)
Dr Lisa Hale (Scientist at LifeArc) (GRA1682)
Ms Sweeting (Solicitor at Self employed) (GRA1677)
Mx Randall (GRA1674)
Marion Scott (GRA1673)
Ali Ceesay, and Sarah Crofts (GRA1671)
McQuaid (GRA1666)
Ms Emma Robertson (GRA1660)
Buttolph (GRA1659)
Ms Eleanor Hill (GRA1654)
Total results 850 (page 7 of 43)