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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 35 of 43)
A Woman's Work (GRA1398)
Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender (CTSG) at the University of Brighton (GRA1388)
Warwickshire Pride (GRA1374)
Cambridge Student Union's LGBT+ Campaign, and Cambridge Student Union's Women's Campaign (GRA1373)
Forward (Stockport LGBT+ Centre CIC) (GRA1342)
University and College Union (UCU) (GRA1339)
Action for Trans Health Durham (GRA1324)
University of Edinburgh Staff Pride Network for LGBT+ Colleagues and Allies (GRA1312)
Tonic Housing Association (GRA1310)
Edinburgh University Students' Association (GRA1300)
National Education Union (NEU) (GRA1295)
Public and Commercial Services Union (GRA1292)
NASUWT Teachers' Union (GRA1291)
LGBT+ Consortium (GRA1287)
Rainbow Network (GRA1280)
Huddersfield Students' Union (GRA1278)
Rape Crisis Scotland (GRA1274)
A New Normal Ltd (GRA1243)
Schools OUT UK (GRA1230)
Trans Masculine Birmingham (GRA1150)
Total results 850 (page 35 of 43)