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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 28 of 43)
Mx Sammy Iacob (GRA0425)
Avril Clark (GRA0421)
J Barker (GRA0420)
Miss Melanie Moxon (Systems & Software Engineer at BAE Systems) (GRA0419)
Mr S. Rushton (Retired Senior Lecturer at None) (GRA0417)
Mrs Ruby Whitcombe (GRA0416)
Mx Kit Geraghty (Software Developer at -) (GRA0414)
Anonymous (GRA0410)
Katy H (GRA0409)
Chris Elston (GRA0407)
Dr. Anthony Williams (Lecturer at Maryvale Institute, Birmingham) (GRA0406)
Mr Richard Maw (GRA0404)
Dr Trevor Gray (Retired Doctor at Ex-NHS) (GRA0403)
Ms Joanna Campbell (Carer at Urban Angels) (GRA0402)
Mrs Lesley Strutt (GRA0401)
Mr Simon Beber (GRA0394)
Dr Jan Birley (Project Manager at BoxTree Media Ltd) (GRA0393)
Mr Jonathan Maw (GRA0390)
Mr Granville Routledge (retired at n/a) (GRA0384)
Total results 850 (page 28 of 43)