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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 17 of 43)
Greywood (GRA1047)
miss Georgia Sweeney (private carer at n/a) (GRA1044)
A B (GRA1038)
Dr Naomi Honhold (GRA1033)
Mx Graysen Giovanni Hall (GRA1030)
Grenfell (GRA1027)
Mr Alexander Palmer (Admissions Administrator at University of York) (GRA1024)
Mx Alex Hilton (GRA1021)
BYOU Scott Williams (Community Deal Worker at BYOU, Wigan Council), and BYOU Karen Campbell (Community Deal Worker at BYOU, Wigan Council) (GRA1019)
Kelly (GRA1018)
Robinson (GRA1016)
Mr Christian Garnett (Architect at Garnett & Partners) (GRA1008)
Mx S Owsnett (GRA1004)
Mr Chard (GRA1002)
E Ross (GRA1001)
Children of Transitioners (GRA0815)
Conservatives For Women (GRA0960)
Dr Amy Roberts (Solution Architect / LGBT Network Lead at The Institution of Engineering and Technology) (GRA0999)
Mr Robert Withers (Psychoanalyst at The Rock Clinic, The Society of Analytical Psychology) (GRA0994)
Jemima Churchhouse (Strategy Analyst at NHS Blood and Transplant) (GRA0996)
Total results 850 (page 17 of 43)