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Written evidence

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Total results 850 (page 13 of 43)
Dr Sara Dahlen (GRA1355)
Rachel Lee (GRA1354)
Ms Rosemary Aikman (Retired at NA) (GRA0786)
GenderGP (GRA2025)
Ms Allen (GRA1349)
Ms Austyn Bambrook (Manager at Global IT Consultancy) (GRA1348)
Ms Amber Ace (PhD Student at University of Chicago) (GRA1344)
Albury (GRA1337)
Off the Record Bath and North East Somerset (GRA1333)
mrs julie wright (retired midwife at NHS) (GRA1323)
Dr Thomas James Sherwood (GRA1321)
Dr Katie Clyde (Consultant Psychiatrist at Hampshire), and Dr Lucy Griffin (Consultant Psychiatrist at Bristol) (GRA1320)
Ms jane francesca fae (Writer, journalist and occasional stand-up at Self-employed) (GRA1318)
Mr Cottingham (GRA1317)
Rev Colin Jones (Baptist Minister at Gaer Baptist Church) (GRA1315)
Ms S Smith (Writer at Self) (GRA1314)
Ms Helen Burt (GRA1307)
Miss Amelia Kelly (GRA1306)
ms susan green (Retired at Self employed) (GRA1301)
Dr Adam May (GRA1297)
Total results 850 (page 13 of 43)