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Gender Recognition Act reform: Women and Equalities Committee hears evidence from academics

9 December 2020

In the first of many oral evidence sessions, the Women and Equalities Committee will hear from a wide range of academics and experts, some of whom have argued for changes to the Gender Recognition Act, and some of whom have expressed concern over changes.

Likely areas of questioning

The Committee will seek to question them on the current gender recognition process, the Government’s proposals for change and any concerns there might be if legislation was changed.

The objectives for this week’s session are:

  • To consider how the gender recognition process works
  • To gain an understanding of some of the arguments for and against changes to the legislation.
  • To gather views on whether the Government’s proposed changes go far enough, and if not, why?


First panel

  • Prof Stephen Whittle, University of Manchester and Head of Legal Services, Press for Change
  • Prof Alex Shaw, School of Law, University of Warwick
  • Dr Ruth Pearce, Trans Learning Partnership and School of Sociology, University of Leeds.

Second panel at 15.30:

  • Prof Rosa Freedman, Law, Conflict and Global Development, University of Reading
  • Dr Kathleen Stock, Professor of Philosophy, University of Sussex
  • Prof Alice Sullivan, Professor of Sociology, UCL

Image: Parliamentary copyright