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BBC, Meta, and Google questioned on their impact on local journalism

27 June 2022

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee investigate the impact that the rise of social media has had on local journalism. Fears that social media company algorithms are prioritising sensational stories over trustworthy news and that social media groups, in danger of spreading misinformation, are usurping the role of local publications, are likely to be discussed. The Committee is also expected to consider claims that digital advertising revenues are going to social media giants at the expense of local outlets.


Tuesday 28 June, 10.30, Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Culture

At 10.30am

  • David Higgerson, Chief Audience Office, Reach PLC (in person)
  • Professor Nathalie Fenton, Founder, Media Reform Coalition (in person)
  • Paul Hutchinson, co-founder, The Bedford Independent (in person)

At 11.30am

  • Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director of Nations, BBC (in person)
  • Tom Morrison-Bell, Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google (in person)
  • John Severinson, Head of News Partner Development for Europe, Meta (in person)

The third session of the Sustainability of local journalism inquiry is also expected to examine how buyouts from multi-title publishers affect local journalism, especially in terms of editorial freedom. MPs are also likely to question how large multi-title companies are recording significant profits amidst a struggling local journalism industry.

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