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DHSC Annual Reports and Accounts 2020-21


The NAO has published its report on DHSC’s accounts for the year 2020-21, with its official audit opinion “qualified” on a series of grounds related to the Department’s spending:

 - there was insufficient evidence to support the year-end inventory and accruals balances

- £1.3 billion of the Department’s COVID-19 spending was spent either without the necessary HM Treasury approvals or in breach of conditions set by HM Treasury

- there was insufficient evidence to show that the Department’s spending, particularly on COVID-19 procurement, was not subject to a material level of fraud

The Committee will question senior officials at DHSC on these findings. If you have evidence about DHSC’s spending and operation of its budget over the year 2020-21, please submit it here by Monday 28 February at 18:00.