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Written evidence

UK Defence and the Indo-Pacific

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Ministry of Defence (INP0017)
Dr Anisa Heritage (INP0016)
Dr. Zeno Leoni (Lecturer in War Studies at King's College London) (INP0001)
Dr Jie Sheng Li (Freelance Research Analyst at Self) (INP0002)
Mr Brett Thomas (INP0004)
Professor Greg Kennedy (Professor of Strategic Foreign Policy and Director of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies at King's College London) (INP0005)
Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Roberts (INP0006)
ADS Group Ltd (INP0007)
Lockheed Martin UK (INP0008)
Reaction Engines (INP0009)
Dr Scott Edwards (Research Associate at University of Bristol & SafeSeas), Dr Asmiati Malik (Advisor / Lecturer at Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia / Universitas Bakrie Indonesia), and Dr Robert Yates (Lecturer at University of Bristol) (INP0010)
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) (INP0011)
Dr. Walter C. Ladwig III (Senior Lecturer in International Relations at King's College London) (INP0012)
Babcock International (INP0013)
Mr James Rogers (Director of Research at Council on Geostrategy), and Mr Patrick Patrick Triglavcanin (Research Assistant at Council on Geostrategy) (INP0014)
Ministry of Defence (INP0015)
Total results 16 (page 1 of 1)