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UK-India trade negotiations


The Government has announced the start of the negotiations on a trade deal with India, with the first negotiating round taking place on 17 January. In due course, we plan to produce a report on the UK Government’s published Negotiating Objectives. For this report, we will be particularly reliant on written evidence. 

The Committee is considering all aspects of the negotiations, but is particularly interested to hear whether the Negotiating Objectives are ambitious enough; how an agreement might affect consumers and businesses; and the likely economic, social, environmental and other impacts.

This inquiry is no longer accepting evidence

The deadline for submissions was Thursday 3 March 2022.

Reports, special reports and government responses

No reports or special reports published.

Oral evidence transcripts

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3 March 2022
Inquiry UK-India trade negotiations
Witnesses Resolution Foundation, Prof Sangeeta Khorana (Professor of Economics at Bournemouth University), and Institute of Development Studies
Committees International Agreements Committee
Oral Evidence
IND0034 - UK-India trade negotiations
Witnesses Fairtrade Foundation
Committees International Agreements Committee
Written Evidence
IND0032 - UK-India trade negotiations
Witnesses Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Committees International Agreements Committee
Written Evidence
IND0033 - UK-India trade negotiations
Witnesses British Standards Institution (BSI)
Committees International Agreements Committee
Written Evidence

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