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Written evidence

Public transport in towns and cities

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Department for Transport (TTS0068)
Community Rail Network (TTS0066)
Coventry City Council (TTS0065)
Urban Transport Group (TTS0064)
Peter White (Emeritus Professor of Public Transport Systems at University of Westminster) (TTS0063)
Transport Focus (TTS0062)
David Redgewell (Individual) (TTS0061)
Transport for London (TfL) (TTS0060)
Dr David Metz (Honorary Professor at Centre for Transport Studies, University College London) (TTS0059)
Professor Lucelia Rodrigues (Chair in Sustainable & Resilient Cities at University of Nottingham) (TTS0058)
Transport Planning Society (TTS0057)
Transport for Greater Manchester (TTS0056)
WMG, The University of Warwick (TTS0055)
Transport East (TTS0054)
Independent Transport Commission (ITC) (TTS0052)
Dr David Walmsley (Retired at Member of UKTram) (TTS0051)
MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge (TTS0050)
ITS United Kingdom (TTS0049)
Mr David Holt (Retired at n/a) (TTS0048)
VisitBritain (TTS0047)
Total results 63 (page 1 of 4)