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What does community sport mean to you? Contribute to our inquiry

12 November 2020

The future of community sports clubs is in doubt, with the financial security of many at risk even before the pandemic. The DCMS Committee is looking at specific actions that can be taken to guarantee the future survival of the community sports sector. As part of the inquiry, we want to hear from you. What does community sport mean to you?  

Have you got something to say?

Join in by recording your own video message to answer this question:

  • What does community sport mean to me?

You must follow current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions when filming your video- do not put yourself and others at risk. You can use animation, film your video indoors and you don’t need to film outside. We want to hear about why community sport is important to you and why it matters to you.

You can also find out how to send us more formal information here:

What you need to know

  • Film an answer to this question in no more than 30s (or less, ideally) and you must film yourself in landscape.
  • Any audio should be in English or Welsh, clear, and easy to understand.
  • There should be no music audible in the background of your video that you or the committee would not have permission to reshare. For ease and copyright reasons, please avoid having other audio in your submission, even if you have sought permissions to use the music.
  • Videos should not contain violent or explicit content.
  • No person under 18 should be visible or identifiable in the footage.
  • Anyone visible or heard in the footage must have consented to being filmed.
  • If filming outside, only share where you are if this poses no risk to you or others. Please do not film anywhere that might give away your personal address. You must follow COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines if you are outside.
  • No slogans or obvious logos should be visible on clothing or elsewhere.

Then upload your video to Twitter and tweet it, tagging the committee (using the @CommonsDCMS handle) and using the hashtag #MyCommunitySport so that the committee can see your submissions. You must use the hashtag to take part.

We will continue to look out for them for until the end of the year.

The Committee will retweet a selection of the submissions to help MPs understand how important community sport is. The Committee may also reuse your video by editing submissions together into a longer video to demonstrate to others why community sport matters, or use stills from the videos in graphics and other committee work. We may also use the videos to promote the work of the Committee. You can find out more about the Committee here:

Please consider

If we retweet your video, it will be publicised on the DCMS Committee Twitter feed and potentially on other House of Commons and UK Parliament channels. It might be seen by thousands of people.

The decision to contribute is your own. The Committee does not have means to support you to create your video.

The risk of contributing a video is your own. The Committee does not have means to support contributors through any consequence of videos being published. The Committee has no means to help or respond to any negative repercussions.

The Committee is a body of the UK Parliament: not of the UK Government, or the DCMS Department. Sharing your video with the DCMS Committee does not compel any action by the UK Government or the DCMS Department (for example, contributing a video does not confer or imply any legal help for your community sports club).

More information can be found in our privacy notice for the public:  

Further information

Image: Jason Lam/Unsplash