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Written evidence

Economics of music streaming

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MR Aubrey Brocklebank (EMS0211)
r Davo McConville (Musician at Freelance ) (EMS0214)
Mr Gordon Robertson (EMS0216)
Incorporated Society of Musicians (EMS0223)
Mr Chris Harwood, Angus Mansell, Lewis Harwood, and Joe Jenner (EMS0224)
Neil Adams, Sarah Ramage, Caleb Evans, and Paul Deacon (EMS0225)
The Ivors Academy of Music Creators (EMS0197)
Ms Kirstian Taylor (EMS0198)
Anonymous (EMS0199)
Dr Gavin Wayte (EMS0200)
Mr Isaac Neilson (EMS0201)
Music Producers Guild (EMS0202)
The state51 Music Group (EMS0203)
SCRIPT (a law and technology research centre based at Edinburgh Law School within the University of Edinburgh) (EMS0205)
Mr Anthony Hamer-Hodges (EMS0206)
BMG (EMS0207)
BPI (EMS0208)
IFPI (EMS0209)
Pure Records (Yorkshire) Ltd (EMS0210)
CREATe: UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre, University of Glasgow (EMS0189)
Total results 214 (page 4 of 11)