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Written evidence

Economics of music streaming

Total results 214 (page 3 of 11)
Gordon Bennett (EMS0245)
Malcolm Shaw (EMS0246)
Mr Francis Bucknall (EMS0247)
Mr Jamie West (EMS0250)
NMC Recordings Limited (EMS0251)
Brassroots (EMS0252)
Dr Hayleigh Bosher (EMS0254)
Mr Colin Blakey (EMS0255)
BBC (EMS0227)
Soundtrack Your Brand (EMS0228)
Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) (EMS0231)
Digital Media Association (DiMA) (EMS0233)
Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited (EMS0237)
Mr Joe Sweetinburgh (EMS0239)
Mr Kevin Foakes (EMS0240)
Oliver Julian (EMS0219)
Mr Sagat Guirey (EMS0220)
Tim Richards (EMS0221)
mr Chris Baron (EMS0222)
Total results 214 (page 3 of 11)