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Written evidence

Economics of music streaming

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UK Music (EMS0188)
Transcripts of roundtables with emerging artists (EMS0293)
Phonographic Performance Ltd (EMS0292)
Robert Bourne (EMS0291)
Apple (EMS0290)
Amazon (EMS0289)
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (EMS0288)
Spotify (EMS0287)
Daniel Antal, Amelia Fletcher, and Peter Ormosi (EMS0286)
Association of Independent Music (EMS0285)
BPI (EMS0282)
SonicData Limited (EMS0283)
Warner Music UK (EMS0284)
Dr Hyojung Sun, Prof. David Hesmondhalgh, and Dr Richard Osborne (EMS0149)
Warner Music UK (EMS0279)
Sony Music UK & Ireland (EMS0280)
Universal Music UK & Ireland (EMS0281)
Phonographic Performance Ltd (EMS0278)
miss rachel bolt (freelance viola player at rachel s bolt ltd) (EMS0070)
Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes, Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual (AIE) (EMS0133)
Total results 214 (page 1 of 11)