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How can transport connectivity be boosted for Scotland? MPs hear from Sir Peter Hendy

20 January 2022

The Scottish Affairs Committee holds a one-off evidence session with the author of the independent Union Connectivity Review, Sir Peter Hendy.


Monday 24 January 2022

At 3.00pm

  • Sir Peter Hendy CBE, Chair of Network Rail and the Union Connectivity Review

The review considered how best to improve transport infrastructure and connectivity across the UK via rail, road, air and sea. The final Union Connectivity Review report stated that “in general” devolution had been good for transport however “it has sometimes resulted in strategic cross-border transport schemes being less of a priority than those schemes which are wholly contained within a single nation”.

During this evidence session, among other things, members are likely to be exploring:

  • The current level of transport connectivity between Scotland and the rest of the UK;
  • The feedback from the Scottish and UK governments to the review;
  • Recommendations around funding to enhance transport connectivity, as outlined in the review.

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Image: Unsplash