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Use of evaluation and financial modelling in Government



Government relies on hundreds – possibly thousands – of models for a huge variety of critical activities, from forecasting spending plans to guiding operational decision making, and increasingly relies on these models as more data is available and there is an increased emphasis on evidence-driven decision-making. 

When it comes to evaluating the resulting policy, both during and after delivery, the NAO reported in December 2021 that “while individual departments have undertaken initiatives to improve evaluation, the use of evaluation continues to be variable and inconsistent, and government has been slow to address the known barriers to improvement. As a result government cannot have confidence that its spending in many policy areas is making a difference.” 

Drawing on evidence from NAO’s wider audits of modelling across government the Committee will question senior officials at HM Treasury and Cabinet Office on the systemic issues in government modelling which can lead to value for money risks, and on the NAO’s findings on the provision and use of evaluation evidence across government.

If you have evidence on these issues please submit it here by Wednesday 2 March 2022 18:00.