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UK trade negotiations: Agreement with India


The Committee is scrutinising the Government’s free trade negotiations with India. It will take evidence when the Government publishes: its strategic approach / negotiating objectives; any negotiating round reports; any Agreement in Principle (AiP); and the final text of the free trade agreement (FTA). At the commencement of negotiations, the Committee may publish a report and seek a House of Commons debate on the Government’s negotiating objectives. The Committee may wish to take evidence during negotiations (for instance, following a negotiating round). Following the conclusion of negotiations, it will publish a report on the FTA, potentially recommending a debate before MPs consider whether to delay ratification of the agreement.

At this stage, the Committee invites stakeholders to tell it what they think of the Strategic Approach / negotiating objectives, and welcomes submissions on any of the questions in the call for evidence below, by 5pm on 13 February.