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MPs to question the Llywydd (Presiding Officer) of the Senedd on territorial constitution inquiry

2 July 2021

The Procedure Committee will take evidence from Elin Jones MS, Llywydd (Presiding Officer) of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) as part of their inquiry into the territorial constitution.

The Committee will question the Llywydd on a range of issues from legislative consent motions to how best to facilitate greater cooperation between committees across legislatures.

The hearing marks the fourth evidence session in the Procedure Committee’s inquiry into the territorial constitution, as it continues to investigate how the relationships between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are reflected in Commons procedures.

During the inquiry, the Committee will be taking account of recent work in this field, including the work of the House of Commons Liaison Committee and the Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit. The Committee will also examine best practice in other parliamentary chambers, with particular reference to constitutional systems which operate on devolved and federal models.


Monday 5 July

At 4.15pm

  • Elin Jones MS, Presiding Officer (Llywydd), Welsh Parliament (Senedd Cymru)
  • Anna Daniel, Head of Strategic Transformation, Welsh Government

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