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Evidence session on Prime Minister’s Office with former senior No.10 advisors

9 November 2020

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee will take evidence from former No. 10 chiefs of staff and policy directors - Fiona Hill, Polly Mackenzie, Geoff Mulgan, Jonathan Powell, John Redwood - on Tuesday 10 November as part of their inquiry into the role and status of the Prime Minister’s Office.


Despite playing a central role in how the United Kingdom is governed, the role and functions of the Prime Minister’s Office are not fully defined. While officially part of the Cabinet Office it is largely independent in its operations but is not subject to the same level of scrutiny as formal government departments.

Purpose of the session

In this session, former senior advisors in No. 10 during the premierships of May, Cameron, Blair and Thatcher will be questioned on the role of the Prime Minister’s Office, how it has developed and the different approaches that have been taken by different Governments. This will include the overall responsibilities of the office and its role within the Cabinet Office and wider government, as well as the role of civil servants and political appointees within it.


Tuesday 10 November

At 9.30am

  • Fiona Hill CBE, former Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff
  • Polly Mackenzie, former Director of Policy to the Deputy Prime Minister
  • Professor Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE, former Prime Minister’s Director of Policy to the Prime Minister
  • Jonathan Powell, former Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff
  • Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP, former Head of No.10 Policy Unit

Further information

Image: PA