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MPs question government on planting trees

18 November 2021

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee welcomes Lord Zac Goldsmith, the Minister for the Environment, to answer MPs questions about the government’s large-scale plans for tree planting as part of its carbon net-zero strategy. 

Purpose of the session

The evidence session will take place in the House of Commons at 2.30 pm on Tuesday, 23 November 2021.  

Part of the government’s net zero by 2050 strategy involves a commitment, by 2025, to be planting 30,000 hectares of new woodland in the UK per annum.  The devolved administrations have set their tree-planting targets, but the UK Government has not yet for England. Some organisations want the Government to do so soon, to give a clear sense of direction to the policy. However, other groups have stressed the need to ensure tree planting targets do not have unintended consequences – as there can be a conflict between planting trees and protecting other habitats such as peatland and grassland.  

The evidence session will look at:  

  • when a clear planting target will be set for England; 
  • how the plans will ensure the right types of trees are planted in the right places;  
  • how the government plans to make sure planting targets are delivered; and  
  • how the Government will deliver on its promise to help end and reverse deforestation by 2030, as agreed at COP26.

Access to Parliament is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions but members of the public and journalists are welcome to watch the proceedings on     


Tuesday 23 November 2021

From 2.30 pm

  • Lord Goldsmith, the Minister for the Pacific and the Environment at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) 
  • Edward Barker, Director, Natural Environment, Trees and Landscapes at DEFRA 

Further information

Image: Unsplash