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Committee probe forestry approval processes

10 September 2021

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is to hold its fourth evidence session as part of its Tree Planting and Woodlands inquiry.

This session is to focus on targets and incentives for woodland creation, as well as forestry approval processes.

Speaking with organisations that represent farmers and landowners, MPs will first explore rules around land use and tenancies, cultural barriers, and agroforestry. The Committee will then hear from the Forestry Commission and Natural England, and also look at nursery capacity, skills and how to make sure the "right trees are planted in the right places".


Tuesday 14 September 2021

At 2.30pm:

Panel 1

  • Judicaelle Hammond, Director of Policy & Advice at the Country Land and Business Association,

  • Tom Bradshaw – National Farmers’ Union Vice President, and,

  • George Dunn, Chief Executive of the Tenant Farmers Association.

Panel 2 - 3.30pm:

  • Sir William Worsley, Chair of the Forestry Commission,
  • Steph Rhodes, Delivery Director for the Forestry Commission’s England Tree Planting Programme, 

  • Dr Tony Juniper, Chair of Natural England, and,

  • Alan Law, Natural England’s Chief Officer Strategy and Deputy Chief Executive.

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Image: Pixabay