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Written evidence

Data Transparency and Accountability: Covid 19

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Election Maps UK (DTA0050)
The Royal Society (DTA0049)
Full Fact, and Full Fact (DTA0048)
The Association of Directors of Public Health (DTA0046)
Simon Briscoe (Consultant at Self employed) (DTA0038)
Simon Briscoe (DTA0041)
Junade Ali (DTA0016)
Mrs Charlotte Johnson (DTA0018)
360Giving (DTA0019)
Dan Astin-Gregory (Founder & CEO at Unstoppable Media Limited) (DTA0005)
Thomas Kay (DTA0006)
Mr David Andrew Chapman (DTA0007)
Dr Clare Craig (Consultant Pathologist at n/a) (DTA0009)
Thomas King (DTA0010)
Mr Leo Wan (Campaigner at Freelancers Make Theatre Work), and Paule Constable (Campaigner at Freelancers Make Theatre Work) (DTA0045)
UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (DTA0044)
UK Open Government Network (DTA0043)
Royal Statistical Society (DTA0042)
Sense about Science (DTA0040)
The Royal Society (DTA0039)
Total results 36 (page 1 of 2)