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Written evidence

The Future of Legal Aid

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Max Hill QC (Director of Public Prosecutions at Crown Prosecution Service) (LEG0104)
Ministry of Justice (LEG0102)
LawWorks (LEG0088)
Access Social Care (LEG0042)
Advice Sector Panel, Administrative Justice Council (LEG0063)
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (LEG0046)
Just for Kids Law (LEG0055)
Judge Philip Marcus (Retired Judge of the Jerusalem Family Court, Israel at Independent Researcher) (LEG0031)
Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers (SCIL) (LEG0027)
Tuckers Solicitors LLP (LEG0101)
Housing Law Practitioners Association (LEG0100)
Kate Aubrey-Johnson (Chair at MoJ Youth Advocacy Working Group) (LEG0099)
ATLEU (Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit) (LEG0097)
Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LEG0096)
Young Legal Aid Lawyers (LEG0095)
Howard League for Penal Reform (LEG0094)
Ms Diane Astin (Consultant Solicitor/Lecturer in Legal Practice at Deighton Pierce Glynn/Brunel University) (LEG0093)
Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter (LEG0092)
Total results 84 (page 1 of 5)