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IOPC and the police complaints process: evidence session

16 March 2021

The Home Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into police conduct and complaints with an evidence session on the complaints process and the IOPC. The committee will hear from witnesses including Lady Brittan, Open Society Foundations, Leaders Unlocked, the IOPC Youth Panel and West Midlands Neighbourhood Watch Force Area Association.


Wednesday 17 March

At 10am, panel one

  • Lady Brittan of Spennithorne
  • Nick Glynn, Senior Programme Officer, Open Society Foundations (OSF)

AT 11am, panel two

  • Rose Dowling, Chief Executive, Leaders Unlocked
  • Kardaya Rooprai, Chair, West Midlands Neighbourhood Watch Force Area Association
  • Amania Scott-Samuels, IOPC Youth Panel Member

Purpose of the session

The session will investigate the role of the Independent Office for Police Complaints and its effectiveness in building public trust in the police complaints system.

The Committee will also explore individual and community focussed perspectives on how the police complaints system operates, the impact of reforms implemented in February 2020 and consider what improvements can be made to increase public trust and accountability.

Further information

Image: CC0, pixabay