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Scotland and Brexit: Trade and Foreign Investment inquiry


This inquiry seeks to investigate:

  • What are Scotland’s priorities for future trade relations with the EU? How could these be best met in a future UK-EU trade deal?
  • What opportunities will there be, following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, for increasing Scottish exports to non-EU nations? How can these opportunities be maximised?
  • How well do the UK Government’s trade priorities address those areas which are most important to Scotland?
  • What influence should the devolved administrations have over future UK trade policy, and how should this be provided for?
  • How do the UK and Scottish governments promote Scottish exports, the Scottish “brand”, and foreign investment in Scotland, how well do they coordinate their activities, and how could this be improved?

The Committee are particularly keen to hear from members of underrepresented groups.

Evidence will be accepted at least until the end of June 2018, but meetings and oral evidence sessions will begin in mid-May. Written submissions sent in before then will be able to inform those discussions.