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The future of Scottish agriculture post-Brexit inquiry


In this inquiry, the Scottish Affairs Committee seeks to investigate:

  • What should be the priorities of any future agricultural support system in Scotland? Are the needs of the agricultural sector in Scotland different from the rest of the UK?
  • What funding will Scotland’s agricultural sector require post-Brexit? What should future agricultural support in Scotland look like, and what goals should it seek to achieve?
  • How should a future agricultural policy seek to accommodate different sectors of the farming community, especially those in remote and less favoured areas, and crofters?
  • What should be included in common frameworks between the UK and devolved administrations in relation to agriculture? What balance should it strike between having a common UK-wide approach and providing flexibility to Scotland's needs?
  • What should be done to meet the long-term labour needs of Scotland’s agricultural sector?
  • What role can innovation & technology have in improving productivity in Scottish agriculture?

Work news

Committee presses Government for further clarity over future of agricultural funding post-Brexit
Chair asks Secretary of State to provide more information to the responses the Government gave in response to the Committee's report
18 October 2019
Post-Brexit agricultural funding must meet the needs of Scottish farming
Committee publishes its report on the future of Scottish agriculture post-Brexit
31 July 2019
Committee to host networking event for farmers and agriculture journalists
Royal Highland Show to feature NFU Scotland stall, where Scottish Affairs Committee members will be available for discussions
18 June 2019
Application process sped up for agricultural workers
Home Office response comes following pressure from Scottish Affairs Committee Chair
14 June 2019
Gove questioned on Scottish agriculture after Brexit
Committee question Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on what the return of powers to the UK means for Scottish agriculture
4 June 2019
Minister questioned on future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit
Committee questions Scottish Rural Secretary Fergus Ewing, in final evidence session
10 May 2019
Chair urges Government to address visa delays for seasonal agricultural workers
Committee chair urges Government to resolve visa delays that could undermine workers pilot scheme
26 April 2019
Needs of Scottish farmers not adequately met by workers scheme, hears committee
Reduced migrant labour and lack of Scottish workers not alleviated by seasonal workers pilot scheme
24 April 2019
Committee examines impact of Brexit on agricultural workforce in Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee explore immigration proposals and workers schemes for agriculture post Brexit
18 April 2019
Committee visits institute to explore innovation and technologies in Scottish agriculture
Committee will look at how technologies will improve agricultural productivity and sustainability
21 March 2019
No-deal tariffs could be “disastrous” for Scottish agriculture, comments Chair
Scottish farmers are fearful of the "disruptive" impact of tariffs
19 March 2019
Committee consider funding and policy priorities for post-brexit Scottish agriculture
Questions will explore concerns from farmers over potential tariffs and quotas, and a UK-wide framework and devolved policy.
15 March 2019
Crofting is the “lifeblood” of island communities, comments Committee chair
Report reveals the importance of crofting to Scottish islands
6 March 2019
Environmental priorities for Scottish agriculture considered by Committee
Committee hear from groups over post-Brexit environmental protections
26 February 2019
Committee visits Scotland's remote farming communities
The Scottish Affairs Committee meet with crofters on the Isle of Lewis, to understand the impact of policy after Brexit
7 February 2019
Committee hears from experts on the future of Scottish agriculture
Scottish Affairs Committee hear from experts and students on the future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit
28 January 2019
Committee questions Ministers on implications of Agriculture Bill for Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee hears from stakeholders in agriculture sector and UK Government Ministers
30 October 2018
Submissions wanted on agriculture in Scotland after Brexit
Scottish Affairs Committee launches an inquiry examining the future agricultural policy
15 October 2018
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