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The future of Scottish agriculture post-Brexit inquiry


In this inquiry, the Scottish Affairs Committee seeks to investigate:

  • What should be the priorities of any future agricultural support system in Scotland? Are the needs of the agricultural sector in Scotland different from the rest of the UK?
  • What funding will Scotland’s agricultural sector require post-Brexit? What should future agricultural support in Scotland look like, and what goals should it seek to achieve?
  • How should a future agricultural policy seek to accommodate different sectors of the farming community, especially those in remote and less favoured areas, and crofters?
  • What should be included in common frameworks between the UK and devolved administrations in relation to agriculture? What balance should it strike between having a common UK-wide approach and providing flexibility to Scotland's needs?
  • What should be done to meet the long-term labour needs of Scotland’s agricultural sector?
  • What role can innovation & technology have in improving productivity in Scottish agriculture?