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Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry


The Science and Technology Committee examine the strength of the evidence linking adverse childhood experiences with long-term negative outcomes, the evidence base for related interventions, whether evidence is being used effectively in policy-making, and the support and oversight for research into this area.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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15th Report - Evidence-based early years intervention: Government's Response to the Committee's Eleventh Report of Session 2017–19
Inquiry Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry
HC 1898
11th Report - Evidence-based early years intervention
Inquiry Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry
HC 506

Oral evidence transcripts

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17 April 2018
Inquiry Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry
Witnesses Dr Shirley Woods-Gallagher, Special Advisor on School Readiness, and Professor Alan Harding, Chief Economic Adviser, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Dr Caroline White, Head, Children and Parents Service Early Intervention, and Martin Pratt, Chair, Association of London Directors of Children's Services; Professor Viv Bennett, Chief Nurse, Public Health England, Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, President, Association of Directors of Public Health, and Katy Hetherington, Organisational Lead - Child and Adolescent Public Health, NHS Health Scotland
Oral Evidence
20 March 2018
Inquiry Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry
Witnesses Ailsa Swarbrick, Director, Family Nurse Partnership National Unit, Matt Buttery, Chief Executive, Triple P UK, Jen Lexmond, CEO, EasyPeasy, and Professor Edward Melhuish, University of Oxford; Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, Donna Molloy, Director of Policy and Practice, Early Intervention Foundation, and George Hosking, CEO, WAVE Trust
Oral Evidence
20 February 2018
Inquiry Evidence-based early-years intervention inquiry
Witnesses Professor Mark Bellis, Bangor University and Public Health Wales, Professor Rosalind Edwards, University of Southampton, Professor Eamon McCrory, University College London, and Professor Sue White, University of Sheffield; Dr Marc Bush, Chief Policy Adviser, YoungMinds, Kate Stanley, Director of Strategy, Policy and Evidence, NSPCC, Associate Professor David McDaid, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Professor Leon Feinstein, Director of Evidence, Office of the Children's Commissioner
Oral Evidence
What About The Children? (EYI0117)
Peter Aylward (EYI0116)
Young Adults Matter (EYI0115)

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