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Evidence session on future of high streets after covid-19

8 January 2021

On 11 January, the Housing, Communities and Local Government (HCLG) Committee resumes its inquiry into supporting high streets after covid-19 with an evidence session. Witnesses include the Centre for Cities, Federation of Small Businesses, Social Market Foundation and District Councils Network.

Purpose of the session

The session will examine the impact of previous lockdowns as well as wider measures implemented in response to the pandemic on high street businesses.

It will also consider the prospects for the new lockdown with the potential to last many weeks and include further restrictions.

It will look at the effectiveness of Government support and investigate what more can be done to support businesses who have had to limit their operations or close entirely.

Looking ahead to when restrictions are lifted in the long-term the Committee will examine how high streets can be reimagined to once again become the centre of thriving communities.


Monday 11 January

At 4.30pm

At 5.30pm

  • Martin McTagueNational Vice Chair Policy and Advocacy at Federation of Small Businesses
  • Ros MorganChief Executive at Heart of London Business Alliance

Further information

Image: Joe Stubbs,unsplash