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Services to people with neurological conditions: progress review inquiry


When the Committee reported on services to people with neurological conditions in 2012, it was concerned with the implementation of the National Service Framework for Long-term Conditions as it lagged behind those for cancer and strokes. It found "coordination of care for individuals is poor, and there is a lack of integration between health and social services...[with] a lack of neurological expertise, both in hospitals and in the community, and access to services varies widely."

The Committee made six recommendations to improve leadership and accountability at the national and local level; to add key indicators and targets to the Framework; to improve the quality of services and reduce variation across the country; to improve integration of services through joint health and social care commissioning; to offer personal care plans; and finally to develop a NICE quality standard for all neurological conditions.

The National Audit Office's progress review found progress against one of the recommendations has been good, progress against three of the recommendations has been poor, with moderate progress against the remaining two recommendations. The three recommendations against which the NAO judged progress to be poor were:

  • using the clinical commissioning group outcomes indicators set, joint strategic needs assessments and health and wellbeing boards to ensure that all people with neurological conditions have appropriate access to services
  • mandating joint health and social care commissioning of neurological services; and
  • ensuring that everyone with a long-term neurological condition is offered a personal care plan, covering both health and social care.

This inquiry challenges the Department of Health and NHS England on this poor progress in achieving better services and outcomes for people with neurological conditions.