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Written evidence

Life beyond COVID

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Professor Lord Richard Layard (Community Wellbeing Programme Co-Director at The Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics) (LBC0306)
Dr Stephen Davies (Head of Education at International Energy Agency) (LBC0303)
Professor Helen Margetts (Professor of Society and the Internet at Oxford Internet Institute) (LBC0304)
Polly Mackenzie (Chief Executive at Demos) (LBC0305)
Identical Text received from 11 individuals (LBC0223)
Dr Eric Shiu (Lecturer Marketing and Innovation Management at University of Birmingham) (LBC0268)
Basic Income ‘babes to granny’ campaign (LBC0096)
Positive Money (LBC0158)
Dr Aaron Lawson (LBC0016)
Rachael Thacker (LBC0047)
Michael Mulvey (LBC0024)
Daniel Shutt (LBC0025)
Mrs Sue Rule (LBC0029)
Dr Robin Hadley (LBC0114)
Mr Martin Dominic (LBC0103)
UK Green Party/XR Clive Lord (LBC0091)
Mr Neil Bye (LBC0159)
Dr Keith Sherwood (LBC0243)
Ms Alison Allan (LBC0266)
David McCarthy (LBC0264)
Total results 248 (page 1 of 13)