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Military homes inquiry


On Wednesday 8 May, the Committee will be holding an evidence session on Military Homes. This has long been a key area of focus for the Committee which has reviewed the standards of accommodation for service personnel several times over the past few years. In particular, this session will provide an opportunity to revisit the Ministry of Defence’s contract with Annington Homes. The sale by the MoD to Annington, of 55,000 service family homes in 1996 was first looked at by the Committee in 1998 and last reported on by the Committee in July last year. The MoD has now entered into new negotiations with Annington as a rent review is due to take place in 2021: this session will provide the Committee with an opportunity to receive an update on the progress of negotiations.

The Committee will also be looking at the Department’s progress in improving living arrangements for service personnel, and is especially interested in the Ministry’s Future Accommodation Model and the implementations of the first pilots of the programme. The session will also focus on how the Department is improving the quality of accommodation to meet the expectations of service personnel and whether or not satisfaction with the accommodation has increased over the past year.