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Strategic Suppliers inquiry


Following the collapse of Carillion plc the House of Commons resolved that the Public Accounts Committee receive the Government’s risk assessments of its Strategic Suppliers. Strategic Suppliers are companies that receive over £100m in revenue per year from Government contracts. Many of the Strategic Suppliers are companies that the PAC has previously encountered in its work on projects across Government.

The Committee published the risk assessments relating to Carillion on 23 May 2018. It reserves the right to publish papers relating to other Strategic Suppliers. Having reviewed these papers, the Committee wishes to explore the way in which Government interacts with Strategic Suppliers, and examine whether delivering public services through them represents good value for money for the taxpayer.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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58th Report - Strategic Suppliers
Inquiry Strategic Suppliers inquiry
HC 1031

Oral evidence transcripts

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13 June 2018
Inquiry Strategic Suppliers inquiry
Witnesses Rupert Soames, Group Chief Executive Officer, Serco, Philip Chalmers, Senior Vice President, Public Sector and Health, and Sean Haley, Regional Chair, UK and Ireland, Sodexo
Oral Evidence
20 June 2018
Inquiry Strategic Suppliers inquiry
Witnesses John Manzoni, Chief Executive, Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, Gareth Rhys Williams, Government Chief Commercial Officer, Cabinet Office, Coleen Andrews, Director, Markets and Suppliers, Cabinet Office
Oral Evidence
18 June 2018
Inquiry Strategic Suppliers inquiry
Witnesses Jonathan Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Capita plc, Stephen Sharp, Executive Officer, Capita Government Services
Oral Evidence
Oracle (SSU0021)
Sodexo (SSU0018)
Atos (SSU0019)

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