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HMRC performance: progress review


Since September, the Public Accounts Committee has taken evidence from HM Revenue and Customs on a number of subjects:

The Committee was concerned that HMRC had more to do to ensure that a transition to any new border and customs arrangements after the UK leaves the European Union would be unproblematic. The Committee also pressed the Department on improvements to customer service offered to taxpayers.

In the interim, the Government has made announcements in the Budget and Spring Statement relevant to the Committee’s ongoing scrutiny of HMRC. For example, the Government has launched a consultation into new methods of VAT collection on online sales in order to reduce the problem of online VAT fraud, as examined by the Committee in September.

Last month, HMRC provided the Committee with written updates concerning the above work, which can be found here. The Committee will question the Department on the detail of these responses and follow up on recommendations it has previously made.