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Transforming Courts and Tribunals inquiry


HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) is carrying out a range of reforms to introduce new technology and modernise the justice system. HM Courts and Tribunals is responsible for courts and tribunals in England and Wales, and some tribunals in Scotland.

The reforms introduced in 2016 included using online services and video technology to reduce demand on courtrooms, and a ‘Common Platform’ for sharing data and information between HMCTS, the Crown Prosecution Service and the police.

A recent National Audit Office report found that the scale of proposed changes to HMCTS present a challenge, and HMCTS has so far made less progress than it original planned. Costs have increased whilst benefits have decreased, and, whilst HMCTS has taken steps to manage risks and improve how it manages the changes, it will be difficult to deliver without additional meaningful engagement with other related parties such as police and legal professionals.

The Committee will ask representatives from HMCTS and the Ministry of Justice about the benefits the transformation will bring, whether enough progress has been made so the programmes deliver value for money, and how they can ensure all the organisations with a part to play are fully engaged with the programmes.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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56th Report - Transforming courts and tribunals
Inquiry Transforming Courts and Tribunals inquiry
HC 976
Response to this report
Letter from Sir Richard Heaton MB to Chair, regarding Ministry of Justice report on Transforming Courts and Tribunals - dated 24 July 2019

Oral evidence transcripts

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6 June 2018
Inquiry Transforming Courts and Tribunals inquiry
Witnesses Richard Miller, Head of Justice, Law Society, Jo Edwards, Chair, Family Law Reform Group, Resolution, Penelope Gibbs, Founder, Transform Justice; Richard Heaton, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, Richard Goodman, Change Director and Reform Programme Director
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Bail Observation Project (TCT0017)
Resolution (TCT0016)
News Media Association (TCT0015)

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