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The Government’s lobbying Bill


Terms of reference for the inquiry

The Committee was seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. Is the definition of “consultant lobbyist” in clause 2 of the Bill likely to lead to a register that enhances transparency about lobbying?
  2. Are the definition of “consultant lobbyist” in clause 2 of the Bill and the list of exceptions in schedule 1 of the Bill likely to have any unintended consequences?
  3. Is the information that the Bill requires to be listed on the register sufficient to enhance transparency about lobbying?
  4. Are there any potential problems with the role envisaged for the Registrar?
  5. Does the absence of provision for a statutory or hybrid code of conduct in the Bill present any problems?
  6. Are there any further issues raised by Part 1 of the Bill, including drafting issues, that you would like to draw to the Committee’s attention?

The Committee were pleased to receive submissions that cover some or all of the points listed above. Please note that the Committee’s inquiry is focused on Part 1 of the Bill (Registration of Consultant Lobbyists) and, while it may be appropriate to refer to the other Parts of the Bill (Non-party campaigning and Trade Unions’ Registers of Members) in passing, the Committee will not be considering detailed submissions on these Parts.

The deadline for written submissions was Friday 23 August 2013. The short deadline is to accommodate the likely legislative timetable for the Bill.

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